Are you qualified photographers?

Yes! We are qualified to BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography), PQE (Professional Qualifying Examinations - Photography) and Masters level with over 30 years of professional photography both in the UK and abroad.


How much time will you spend at our wedding?

The choice is yours. One Fine Day Wedding Photography offers a three-tier pricing package to suit your budget, starting with our Silver package, which covers your ceremony and reception, to our Ultimate package which includes bride/groom preparations through to the first dance in the evening. If you have any special requests just let us know.


Can we pay for just one photographer?

We want to ensure you get the best out of your day and our reputation is built upon the fact that we are a two-photographer team. Therefore, we do not offer a price reduction for booking one photographer.


Do you cover destination weddings?

Of course. We will agree travel expenses with you, and these must be covered in advance of your day.


Can we choose a different style of wedding album?

Absolutely, but please be aware that this may come at an additional cost to what is covered in your package if the material cost is higher for us to procure.


Does your price include retouching?

We spend many hours after your wedding, working on your images to make sure they look their absolute best. All your images will be professionally edited, and retouched where necessary. All standard retouching is included in our price. If you request something very specific then there may be an additional charge depending on the complexity of the task.


How many images will be in our album?

This depends on whether we are with you for a part or the whole of your day. If you book our Ultimate One Fine Day Wedding Photography package we will generally leave with around 1,500 to 2,000 images. Only the best images, and the ones which tell your story, will be included in your album storybook. This will typically be between 200-400 images. There is generally a limit to how many images we can physically fit into one album. Some couples love their photos so much that they find it difficult to limit the number of images they select, and choose to purchase an additional album.


How soon can we see our images?

Editing and post-production of your images is a very time-consuming task and takes several times longer than actually taking the photographs themselves. We will have literally hundreds of images to process, often well over a thousand depending which of our packages you've chosen, and the turnaround time for this is usually around 6-8 weeks. So please be patient while we process your photographs - we want to deliver the very best images we can. 


Are you insured?

Yes, we have full Public Liability Insurance.


Do you take formal shots?

We will take any specific shots that you request. All we ask is that you prepare a list and nominate someone on the day to assist with getting those groups of people together. As time can be short and we don't know your guests, this helps to keep things moving and ensure we capture all the shots you request. It's also helpful for us to be aware of any family sensitivities so that we can avoid situations during group shots where people might feel uncomfortable.


How much time should we allocate for our photographs?

This depends greatly on whether you want a selection of formal shots and, if so, the number of groups you would like us to include. We would certainly advise you to allow time for us to photograph the two of you alone after the ceremony while your guests enjoy a drink or two. Generally, an hour to an hour and a half is typical. If you have two hours to avoid rushing, that's even better. If possible, we like to be able to spend 30-60 minutes photographing the two of you on your own - after all, this is day is all about you!


What if it rains?

Ah, the great British weather... the one thing you can't plan for on your wedding day, even in the height of summer. That's why we'd strongly advise you to consider the indoor potential of your chosen venue, as well as the outdoor space. Ask yourself, is there room for group shots inside? Are there aesthetically pleasing spaces for photographs for the two of you? We have faced the challenges of working with bad weather many times and will ensure that we do everything we can to make sure you still have fantastic photos, but the venue itself does play a big part in how far we can mitigate the issue of bad weather.


There are some specific things we'd like to try - is that ok?

If you've got particular ideas you want to try we'd love to make that happen! We are both very creative, fun people and being able to work with you on ideas is what brings our work to life. So, if you have ideas, please don't be afraid to share them with us!